about me

Back in may 2009 I made a big decision to myself. I stopped my studies for digital media designer and chose to develop the autodidact way into photography and videography. Except for high school I didn't have any fancy paper. The only thing I had was a head full of ideas and a good load of hubris. Only one thing I knew. Staying put in school wouldn't make me succeed in what I really wanted. And of I went into the struggle.

Despite my parents' moaning of having to search for a good job I took all my last savings and good old bicycle to cycle in the wide empty lands of Norway. For 40 days I sat on my bicycle getting from the one adventure to the other.

Turned back home I fell in a big empty. Apparently it was not that easy to get a job I wanted. And maybe that youth dream of solo traveling on the bicycle all around the world was not that thing I needed
But than I met a girl. The trigger to do something with my life. I worked like a mad-man doing dishes and surviving a fiercely cold, snowy parking lot. Whatever job I could get; it was good enough to pay my escape to Africa. Just before traveling though, I was asked making a reportage about the passions of the people in my home little country town, home village. A reportage I will not soon forget as I discovered a new kind of photographer in myself whilst doing this. It was also nice as it ended up with a little exhibition in the village.

However, in Africa the love story didn't turn out so happy. in the end had a great time with working on my photography. I learned tons of things and came back another man. Too much stories to tell from these times…
Back in Belgium I fell like I could get somewhere. Soon I started to work for AS-adventure, selling backpacks and other traveling equipment. A job I could share my expertise, and that gave me the space and flexibility to travel a lot and develop my photography.

Soon after I ended up doing a lot of photo assignments for the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, which ended up in an exhibition in February 2011 of 12 pictures in Flagey, an old and well known concert hall in Brussels.

Until now this has been my biggest exhibit. Yet, there is now a book and exhibition in the make for the county of my home town, a photo reportage much like the one I did back in 2009.

As I now in the end was able to afford me some decent, yet basic professional camera equipment I am in the end experimenting with shooting little documentary work in video. As I have yet to prove myself in this I am now experimenting with it in the most inspiring place I had been before. I went back to Africa to fill my hard drives with enough material to play with for the a few months.

At this date only one thing is for sure. Whenever it works or not. I pursue the life of a seeing this world true my lens.